PLT Place is a platform that leads to successful NFT sales for companies and creators. We have a wide range of support plans for success.




    Three features of Palette

    Governance by consensus nodes

    The content holder can participate in rule making by becoming a consensus node.

    Cross chain

    Interoperability with multiple blockchains such as Ethereum

    Stabilization, Reduction of gas fee

    Unique fee design realizes user's gasless experience, stable and low gas fees.


    Crypto assets that implemented the first Japan domestic IEO as a project specializing in palette tokens and NFTs in July 2021. On Palette chain, Palette token(PLT) is used on payment for gas fee. Palette token is issued on Ethereum, and you can use it on Palette chain with cross chain technology.

    What is NFT Marketplace
    “PLT Place”?

    PLT Place is a platform for successful NFT sales. We will not only support listing, but also support for community formation and sales expansion. PLT Place alspn has functions such as payment with credit card , SNS login, cross-chain, wallet connection, etc. which users can purchase NFT smoothly.

    PLT Wallet

    Palettescan is an explorer that allows you to check your PLT wallet information, transaction history, as well as block generation status and NFT issued on Palette chain.

    Palette Developer Portal

    We provide information for developers who need to build more original applications such as Blockchain Games.