Towards the age of
NFT Digital Asset

Make Business growth and new kind of values on market,
with blockchain and NFT.
The Vision of Palette is Visualizing various values
that are produced every day,
Distributing it on the blockchain and Expressing
it as economically valuable asset.


What do we do?

 [ Palette ]  is a blockchain network for issuing, managing and distributing digital items. The crypto asset “PLT” have done IEO for the first time in Japan on the summer of 2021, and can be used for NFT trading at the NFT marketplace ”PLT Place”. Also, “PLT Wallet” makes crypto assets and NFTs more familiar experience to you.


About us

Comapany Trade name : HashPalette
Adress :
4-5-10 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo EDGE Shiba 4-chome Building 10th floor
Founded : March 2, 2020
Number of stuff : 24
Capital Stock : 70 Million Yen (including capital reserve)
CEO : Seihaku Yoshida


Seihaku Yoshida
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Takayuki Hayashi
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Non executive director
Yuuki Matsubara
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Takayasu Koeto
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