Entering the era of
NFT digital assets.

Growing business and creating new value
in the market with blockchain and NFT.
Palette aims to visualize the various values
that are produced every day by NFT,
and express them as economically valuable assets
by distributing them on the blockchain.


What do we do?

 [ Palette ]  is a blockchain network for issuing, managing, and distributing digital items. Our crypto asset “PLT” has completed an IEO for the first time in Japan in 2021, and can be used for NFT trading at our NFT marketplace “PLT Place”. Our crypto wallet “PLT Wallet” also makes crypto assets and NFTs more accessible for you.




About us

Company Trade name : HashPalette
Address :
Hamamatsucho Building F12, 1-1-1, Shibaura, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Founded : March 2, 2020
Number of staff : 24
Capital Stock : 70 Million Yen (including capital reserve)
CEO: Takayuki Hayashi